Company Resume

Horizon Adjusters and Investigations, established in 1988, is a specialty investigation firm engaged exclusively in the handling of all aspects of Workers Compensation and General Liability Claims Investigations.

Our firm is somewhat unique in that we do not handle surveillance assignments. Over the course of our 24 years in the industry we’ve chosen instead to specialize exclusively in AOE/COE, Subrogation and General Liability investigations.

Our specialization in these areas over the years has resulted in a long-standing reputation for producing the best and most comprehensive claims investigation reports in the industry. 

Horizon Adjusters and Investigations features over 25 years of pure field experience in the handling of all types of AOE/COE and Subrogation investigations covering the range of severity from minor strains through permanent and catastrophic injuries.

Our firm’s focus and back round  in complex claims matters enables us to consistently provide our clients with all critical data and documentation necessary when confronting today’s more daunting issues such as Post Termination, Psychological Stress and “Serious and Willful” allegations.

We have also established an impeccable reputation in the handling of General Liability Claims. Our years of experience in this discipline have enabled us to hone our skills in the handling of claims ranging in severity from simple slip and fall accidents through serious and catastrophic construction and trucking accidents.

In 2012 we will be opening an office in South Florida which will enable us to provide these client services on a bi-coastal basis. For more information on Florida investigations Please go to    



Aaron David Bergman. owner and operator of Horizon Adjusters and Investigations, founded the firm in 1988. He can be contacted at: 858-535-8933.